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Flight Approvals

Flight Approvals

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) is responsible for granting all flight approvals.

Schedule Airlines

The schedule of the airlines willing to operate should be designated by the Bilateral Air Service Agreement. Once this requirement is fulfilled, a request should be made to the Department of Air Transport (PACA) indicting the schedule.

Charter, Cargo and Ad-Hoc Operators

The operator is required to furnish the following documents and information to Department of Air Transport (PACA) at least 72 hours before the operation date:

  • Name of operator and full address (Address / TEL / FAX / E-MAIL).
  • Arrivals and Departure Details, Dates and Times.
  • Entry/Exit points within Muscat FIR & itinerary schedule ETD/ETA.
  • Flight plan indicating origin, intermediate and beyond points, to be indicated with the airport codes.
  • Purpose of the flight, number of passengers, nature and amount of cargo if freight.
  • Name, address and business of chatterer if any.
  • Names of crew members.Responsible authority and person name for settling the Air Navigation, Landing and Parking Charges. (Address / TEL / FAX / E-MAIL).

Valid and clear copies of the following documents to be submitted:

  • Air Operator Certificate with the specifications.
  • Certificate of Insurance, including third party liability.
  • Certificate of Registration, (only for the aircraft intended to operate with).
  • Certificate of Airworthiness, (only for the aircraft intended to operate with).
  • Aircraft Noise Certificate, (only for the aircraft intended to operate with).
  • Radio Licenses Certificate, (only for the aircraft intended to operate with).

The flight approval application should be sent to:

Director of Air Transport, Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA)
Telephone: +968-24354028 / +968-24354062
E-mail: [email protected]
Office working hours, all weekdays from 07:30 - 15:30 UTC timing.
For urgent cases of flight clearance outside the office working hours please contact:

Duty Communicator
Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA),
Telephone: +968-24354414 / +968-24354413
Fax: +968-24354535