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Our Latest Statistics

Find out the newest Statistics about the flights.

The latest statistics of between few years such as the number of the flights, travelrs, and cargo, from 2016/2017. This statistics shows the increase in the number of travlers.

Our Gallery

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Past (Seeb International Airport)


Present (Muscat International Airport)


Past (Salalah International Airport)


Present (Salalah International Airport)



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Through the use of images and videos, our Fans of Oman Airports Facebook page brings our fans on a visual journey to discover what they can see, do, buy or eat at Oman. Our fans get a peek at the first class experience that awaits them.
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We engage Fans of Oman followers on Twitter in chatter about travel tips, airline deals, travel resources and updates on the latest happenings at Oman. Followers can also seek help via this channel.
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Through the power of imagery, we strive to inspire travel and ignite the love for Oman Airports. Photos of the airport terminals, airlines, travel destinations, food and more are simple, quick and entertaining ways to connect with our followers.
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All our videos are housed on the Fans of Oman Airports YouTube channel. These videos include the latest products, behind–the-scenes footage, and more.
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Linkedin offers the perfect platform for potential hires to find out more about our company, culture and what it takes to create a world class airport experience for our passenge.
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