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Muscat International Airport climbs the ladder of Environmental Success.
7 December 2017 - Muscat

Muscat International Airport managed by the Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) is pleased to announce the successful completion of level 2 Reduction stage of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program from the honorable Airport Council International (ACI). This is the only single entity that internationally is permitted to approve standards of airports around the globe in regards to carbon emissions.

The ongoing monitoring of carbon footprints and fulfilling requirements of the stage 1 mapping, Muscat international Airport was able to showcase effective carbon management procedures through target setting, along with exhibiting the reduction in carbon foot print by a compilation of emission data of the past years are reasons as to why this prestigious accreditation has been awarded.

Describing this achievement as a vital step in the company`s journey and its ultimate goal of attaining carbon-neutral growth, Salim Al-Harthy Senior HSE Manager, said, "We take our environmental responsibility seriously and through our carbon emission management plan, we are determined to continue implementing efficient and innovative ideas to minimise our environmental impact while fully supporting the Oman Airports Management Vision 2020”.

He further added on by stating “We have been working extremely hard as a team and have ensured that we work closely with the Airport Council International in order to attain and brainstorm with novel ideas and grasp knowledge on modern technological procedures and mediums so as to amalgamate and incorporate them in our airports for productive results”.

The ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation Program comprises of four levels namely mapping, reduction, optimization and neutrality. This accreditation was autonomously verified to assess all services under the direct control of the airport, which includes passenger landing stations, parking lots, airport roads, lighting, office and water drainage systems respectively.
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