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Oman Airports develops a device with special specs to install Airfield lighting for Runway​



Embarking on organizational effort and a cost reduction approach. Oman Airports develops a device with special specs to install Airfield lighting for Runway & Taxiway at Muscat International Airport.


Oman Airports’ maintenance team succeeded in developing a portable drilling coring machine with special application designed to install Airfield ground lighting of Muscat Airfield at Muscat International Airport. The initiative of developing this machine to satisfy the needs of both repair and replacement of AGL fittings and it is vital part of the company's efforts in response to trends of reducing the operational costs of government companies, also as part of its ongoing efforts to find approved alternatives for specialized services.

Eng. Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Al Hinai, Senior Airport Systems Manager at Muscat International Airport Maintenance Department, stated that this step came as a result of the maintenance team efforts to find an in-house solution using team expertise. Such approach is well engorged and supported by Oman Airports executive management; the specialized team made a tremendous work in designing and modifying an existing core machine used normally in construction work to fulfill the special requirement of AGL installation kit . A special vehicle was designed at Oman Airports maintenance workshop to carry and tune the required measurements during the drilling process.

“The device provides for the speed and accuracy required in accordance with the international specifications used in making any necessary changes in the runway, where Oman Airports relies on a well-trained qualified team to carry out these works at a high level of professionalism,” he stressed.

For his part, Eng. Adel Bin Abdullah Al-Yafei, General Manager of Maintenance at the Technical Support Unit at Oman Airports pointed out that the modified device is reliable in working to reduce maintenance expenses in aspects of changing and repairing runway lighting in the future, where previously, a specialized strategic partner was assigned to do the work of replacing the runway lights, and that by developing this device, the maintenance team has created alternatives that commensurate with the current circumstances, similarly in line with the efforts of the rest of the units at airports of Oman, in addition to the aim of reducing expenses and creating more options internally.

It is worth noting that Oman Airports is making huge efforts in utilizing local professional expertise in an attempt to develop a number of programs and devices, thus benefitting from their skills and ideas in creating a collaborative work environment and keeping pace with all the conditions conducive to innovation and prosperity in Oman.