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Oman Airports celebrates Omani Women's Day



Oman Airports celebrates Omani Women's Day


Oman Airports Company celebrated the Omani Women's Day, which falls on 17 October each year, as decreed by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in Seeh Al-Makarim in Sohar in 2009 in translation of the recommendations of the Omani Women's Symposium.

Believing in the role of women in the airport sector, Oman Airports Company organized a ceremony entitled "Omani Women: Partnership and Sustainable Development" in Fraser Suites Hotel. The event included motivational lectures for female employees on the Omani Women's Day, events on health, beauty, and cooking and various competitions along with raffles.

The event, which was an initiative of Human Resource Management and Management Department at Oman Airports Company, was for the female employees working at the Company to know one another more closely in order to break the barriers away from the work environment. It also aimed to motivate the Omani women working for the Company given their vital role in the airports sector. Women today work in various sectors of the airport around the clock and actively participate in ensuring the provisions of the best services to passengers and building their homeland in various fields.

During the blessed march of the modern Renaissance, Omani women have demonstrated their scientific capabilities and practical competence in reflection of the trustworthiness given to them by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and the Omani society. The steps taken by the Omani women in the past years and their achievements are the best evidence that they are a source of confidence for the tasks entrusted to them. The Omani women have become a key partner in Omani development and an integral factor in construction.

The annual celebration of Omani Women's Day is one of the most important measures in support of women's efforts. The Omani women, thanks to the Royal directives and generous care by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, have made many achievements over the past years of the blessed Renaissance.