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The World General Assembly of the @ACIWorld voted collectively on assigning Oman Airports CEO as Vice President for ACI World for 2 years



In an unprecedented achievement in the Middle East that promotes Oman’s vital role in the region

The World General Assembly votes for assigning Oman Airports’ CEO to be the Deputy Chief of the ACI, as the 1st Arab official to occupy this role

On its 59th annual meeting in Hong Kong, the World General Assembly of the @ACIWorld voted collectively on assigning Oman Airports CEO as Vice President for ACI World for 2 years,  for his valuable contributions and accomplishments in  enhancing the development of Airports performance in Oman, in both administrative and operational levels. It comes also as an acknowledgment for his effective contributions and participation’s in as a Board member of ACI Asia-Pacific for the past 2 years. 


This assignment comes in alignment with the distinguished performance of Oman Airports and its continuous initiatives as an active member in ACI World/ Asia-Pacific committees, regional and global. ACI is a global organization that consists of 5 main Councils,  and its headquarter is located in Montreal, Canada. 

Worth mention that Oman Airport’s CEO has been assigned as a Board member of the ACI Asia-Pacific in 2016 and shortly was selected to be a Board member in ACI World in 2017 and that highlights the effective presence of Oman in this industry as well as the keen interest and support that Oman devotes to develop the civil aviation sector. 


In this event, Aimen bin Ahmed Al Hosni, Oman Airports’ CEO, stated: “‏I would like to express my sincere thanks to the ACI General Assembly and dear ACI Board members for their trust 

It is my pleasure to contribute to ACI through this role and perform duly to meet the set objectives and goals.” He added:” Throughout this Annual Meetings, Oman Airports has proven its competency and excellence in many aspects reflected with its wide participant in different committees of the 2019 ACI Asia-Pacific/ World Annual General Assembly Conference & Exhibition. This participation comes in stream with our national strategies of Oman’s Government that keenly supports and promotes the aviation field as a main contributor of the national development plans, inspired by the perspicacity and insightful vision of our wise Leader, H.M. Sultan Qaboos, May Allah bless him with prosperity and wellbeing. We work jointly with our strategic partners to stand out as a key factor of growth and development on the regional and global levels, utilizing the strategic significance of Oman’s geographical location. “ 

The new Deputy Chief, Aimen Al Hosni, concluded his statement with: “Oman Airports staff and myself are looking forward to contribute effectively to the growth and welfare of Oman in all the regional and international events as it deserves.”

The ACI World is considered the umbrella of all organizations in the civil aviation industry. It was established in 1991 to preform a supervisory and administrative role in different aspects related to HSE, energy, environment and technology related to this vital sector of nations economy. The ACI’s Headquarter is based in Montreal, Canada and it has regional headquarters in Asia-Pacific, North and South Americas, Africa and Europe. 

It aims at promoting worlds’ airports and enhancing their performance through a safe atmosphere of solid cooperations between the airports across the globe along with the other related organizations and businesses that supports the aviation to ensure safe and efficient air traffic and experience. The ACI includes 597 members that run more than 1679 airports in 177 countries across the world.