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Training Centre authored course

Advanced Safety Management


The course will discuss in greater detail The SMS Framework as detailed in Appendix 2 of Annex 19 covering the 4 Pillars and 12 Elements and how they relate into Airport Operations. The workshop integrates group exercises daily customised on Airport activities to cement the theoretical knowledge and understanding, along with case studies to enable participants to apply their knowledge and acquire insights.
This course will also provide an extensive and deeper examination of Safety Management Systems (SMS), offering insights into the necessary components and prerequisites for an effective SMS. It also instructs on the implementation and enhancement of Safety Management, encompassing Safety Monitoring, Training, and Documentation. Participants will gain an understanding of how Aeronautical Studies are utilized within the aviation system and how safety is administered through Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.



  • Workshop 
  • Presentation

Total Price: 000 OMR*

Duration: 5 days

Start Date: 22-Oct-2023

End Date: 26-Oct-2023

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  • Illustrate methods for enhancing an airport's SMS.
  • Describe the process of developing an Aeronautical Study or Safety Case.
  • Emphasize the significance of fostering an ongoing Safety Culture within an already established Safety Management System.
  • Analyze the impact of Human Behavior on Safety Management.
  • Elaborate on strategies for promoting Safety Awareness through Education and Communication.

Extra Information

  • Dress code: Formal
  • Parking area: P1, P2 
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Program Content

  • ICAO Safety SARPs
  • Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Human Factors in Safety Management
  • Safety Performance and Measurement
  • Team Management and Workplace Interactions
  • Balancing Profit and Safety
  • Safety Management through Risk Assessment
  • Introduction to Aeronautical Studies
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

For registration and inquiries:

[email protected]