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Training Centre authored course

Airfield Pavement Inspection


This two-day course focusses on the regulatory requirements for pavement monitoring and maintenance as well as the factors influencing pavement inspections. Moreover, the course shows an approach to successfully plan coordinated pavement inspections and how to deal with the different damages one can find on aerodrome movement areas.



Total Price: 00 OMR*

Duration: 5 days

Start Date: 09-Sep-2023

End Date: 08-Aug-2023

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  • Explain what pavement Inspection is, why it is important, and how it differs from pavement design.
  • List the key sources of information for pavement investigations.
  • Recognize the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches for determining a pavement’s composition and strength.
  • Explain why a standardized pavement strength rating system is required.

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Program Content

  • Introduction to Requirements for Aerodromes
  • Requirements for Authorities and Aerodrome Operators
  • Relevant Aspects of Aerodrome Operations
  • Aerodrome Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Basics of the Inspection of Aerodrome Movement Areas
  • Inspection Procedure
  • Damage Classifications

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