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Training Centre authored course

Maintenance of AUMA motorized actuator


This AUMA Valves & Actuators Maintenance training course aims to take the mystery out of all aspects pertaining to valves and actuators, and to assist delegates in seamlessly going through all the important thought processes and maintenance procedures related to these devices, from selection to installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and everything in between. At the end of the day, the AUMA valve and actuator must not be seen in isolation from the rest of the process, but as part of a greater loop, where they are expected to operate at optimal levels.



Total Price: 00 OMR*

Duration: 5 days

Start Date: 09-Sep-2023

End Date: 31-Mar-2023

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The primary goal of this AUMA Valves & Actuators Maintenance training course is to Know main parts of AUMA motorized valves, principle of operation, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance, the goals of the training course would be to assist delegates in:

  • Understanding of motorized actuator
  • Installing and wiring AUMA motorized actuator
  • Operating AUMA motorized actuator
  • AUMA motorized actuator troubleshooting
  • AUMA motorized actuator repairin
  • AUMA motorized actuator Maintenance

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Program Content

  • Introduction to motorized operated valves (MOV)
  • AUMA motorized valves and actuators
  • AUMA motorized valves and actuators commissioning
  • AUMA Actuators and valves maintenance
  • Checklists and practical calibration & maintenance

For registration and inquiries:

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