In its annual gathering, Oman Airports reviews its successes and the upcoming strategy in alignment with Oman Vision 2040

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For the sixth consecutive year, Oman Airports reviews its employees successes and operations challenges during the last year as well as the new strategy plans and its implementation mechanisms in the annual CEO Talk held virtually on Wednesday 15th December 2021 at al-Shamekhat Hall, Oman Airports’ Main Training Center. Moreover, the employees interacted remotely though this online platform with CEO, CXOs, VPs, General Managers and the employees.


At the beginning, Sh. Aimen Ahmed Al-Hosni, Oman Airports CEO said that we are approaching the end of unusual year likewise the previous year passing through a lot of challenges at all spheres as the pandemic is still a big challenge at both personal life and professional and commercial field. It was so obvious that the moment all countries worldwide started to lock down their boarders that this crisis will not be easy and will form a pivotal turn in history especially in aviation and travel industry which both have been impacted the most. However, I believe that future will look much brighter for us all. And before, I start my talk, I would really like to grasp this opportunity to welcome Oman Investment Authority and also warmly welcome Transom Ground Handling and Transom Sats Cargo as two subsidiaries in Oman Airports’ family.

Achieving Goals

Oman Airports CEO added during his presentation that navigating through all businesses and achievements pf this year across our airports and subsidiaries, lots have been accomplished so far, yet we have to work much more closer to achieve the objectives of 2022 and years onward. The crisis demonstrates that Oman Airports is standing on solid pillars of loyalty and aspiration which, in turn, inspires us with stability and trust of being ready for the coming journey regardless of any challenges. For this, our future looks bright and will work hard to make it so.

Growth and Development

Oman Airports CEO stressed the Company’s continuous growth, mentioning that “we will exert all our best potential to accomplish our goal for developing the gates of beauty and opportunities and would like to draw your attention that whatever we make in our coming journey will only see success because of yourselves and your role for our airports’ passengers and visitors and customers. We have shown a substantial resilience during unexpected crisis and it is the time to recognize the roles of all employees – Oman Airports, Transom Ground Handling and Transom Sats Cargo working in the frontlines who kept our operations running with same or better efficiency level and made a lot of the sacrifices that are merit of our sincere respect and appreciation.


There are promising indicators that the restrictions will decline and will find a balance in living with this virus. Let’s just set off the new year with optimism and confidence. All employees across all department and units shall be given the necessary support whenever they require. Not to forget to express our appreciation to our partners and customers as we are turning into a new year full of aspiration and ambition for a brighter future, expressing our great pride of all efforts exerted to promote the Company and contribute in our nation.

Five-Year Strategy

At the end of the presentation, the CEO reviewed the highlights of the new five-year strategy which is in a full alignment of Oman Vision 2040, elaborating in its implementation and KPIs which have been approved to achieve the Company’s desired goals in the coming five years. Later on, a discussion session was open between the CEO and the employees to explore a number of development views for work improvement and achieving further successes in implementing the strategy of the Company.