Muscat International Airport Best Airport in the Middle East 2019


Over the past few months since the opening of its new terminal, Muscat International Airport, the Jewel of Oman, has witnessed considerable shifts in prevailing approach to high-level service and travel experience, which enhanced the Airport’s reputation at international level. Significant achievements have led to the Airport being awarded multiple times for its outstanding performance, the last of which being the Best Airport in the Middle East 2019 Award. The award was received during the 26th edition of World Travel Awards Middle East Gala Ceremony 2019 held in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on April 25th.

Muscat International Airport was voted the best airport in the Middle East for the first time since its inception, based on the traveler’s choice, outranking last-year winner Dubai International Airport and other giant Gulf and regional airports.

Oman Airports, represented by Saud Nasser Al-Hubeishi, Senior Vice President, accepted this prestigious award at the award ceremony, which was attended by a wide spectrum of professionals in the aviation, airports and travel industry across the world with a network of senior representatives of more than 200 companies from all sectors of the airports, aviation, travel, tourism and hotel industries.


Continue to build on the achievements

Commenting on the award, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Airports, Sheikh Ayman bin Ahmed Al Hosani, said: “On behalf of the Executive Management of Oman Airports, I would like to congratulate all the employees of Muscat International Airport and all the official and commercial companies and airlines operating at the airport as well as all our strategic partners who contributed directly to this achievement. This award recognizes the exceptional efforts and services by all our staff and partners who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the betterment of Muscat International Airport as well as all the other airports of Oman.

He added, “We are proud of this new achievement, which represents a valuable addition to our national success stories and which is the result of our endeavor, at Oman Airports, to continuously expand our global presence as a primary way to help the various actors operating at our airports achieve their strategies through state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities and record level of services to all our customers. He concluded: “May God bestow success on us and guide us along the path of achievements and expansion at international level. Congratulations to all of us.”


Exceptional Travel Experience

On his part, Mr. Saud Al-Hubeishi, Senior Vice President at Muscat International Airport said: The exceptional efforts exerted by the airport family have set us on the road of achieving an exceptional travel experience for the airports’ users. Muscat International Airport redefines the passenger experience through its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities housed within its exceptional terminal characterized by its modern architectural design, along with the efforts of many colleagues who worked hard to secure the mobilization of the best trademarks and partners to deliver greater and better results through our airports, which have certainly led to an ideal experience for airport users, and reinforced our dedication to raising our aspirations, ambitions and expectations to attain to the very highest echelons of services and achievements. We are committed to sparing no effort to consolidate all aspects of partnership with all the parties working at the airport and to bring together our efforts as one family towards attaining the best in delivering impressive services to all travelers through our airport. It is our aim to expand our global presence and to increase the international visibility of Muscat International Airport, the Jewel of Oman airports, and position it as a leading player in the innovation and uniqueness scene.


Best Tourist Project

It is worth noting that Muscat International Airport won the 2018 Best New Middle East Tourism Development Project Award. It also won the 2018 "World Leading New Airport at the World Travel Awards in Lisbon. The new terminal building of Muscat International Airport is a masterpiece of the Omani culture and history and a landmark that attracts many tourists to our beloved country. It blends the designs of the airport with the spirit of Oman's heritage and modernity that restore Oman's historic role as a strategic air and sea link between the East and the West. The new building of Muscat International Airport highlights the splendor of architecture and design of the three terminals of the airport across three levels for each terminal, in addition to the central area with its five levels linking the three terminals, spread over a total area of about 580 thousand square meters. The airport offers three main entrances that lead to these various levels to ensure smooth and comfortable movement for all travelers. Furthermore, the outstanding lounges offers an exclusive VIP experience at the airport on arrival and departure. From the moment passengers set foot in the airport, they are fascinated by the surroundings and distinct cultural and artistic perspectives of the airport design, which reflects the treasures of the Sultanate Oman and its geographical and human environment. Since its inauguration in March 2018 and its official opening in November of the same year, the airport has been internationally acclaimed for its architectural design reflecting the traditional Omani character, as well as for its state-of-the-art technology and travelers exceptional experience. The airport is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and service in line with the requirements of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).

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