Oman Airports opens Documents Management Center at Muscat International Airport

and signs agreement with Bahwan Company to provide documents management e-system


Oman Airports have launched their Documents Management Center at Muscat International Airport, under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Hamad Mohammed Al Dhawyani, Chairman of the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA), and in the presence of Sheikh Ayman bin Ahmed Al Hosani, CEO of Oman Airports, as well as officials from NRAA and Oman Airports.

The Documents Management Center covers an area of 787 square meters, of which 430 square meters is dedicated to document storage, and 357 square meters for facilities such as a dedicated post office, documents sorting and viewing of area, meeting room, and reception area, in addition to staff offices and service facilities for personnel.

Oman Airports equipped the Center according to technical specifications approved by NRAA, and obtained the necessary approvals as stipulated by the Records and Archives Law. To ensure the safe protection of all documents over the long term, the Center is equipped with a state-of-the-art FM 200 fire extinguishing system, as well as moisture removal devices.

On the sidelines of the Documents Management Center inauguration ceremony, Oman Airports signed an agreement with Bahwan Information Technology Company to provide an electronic system for managing records and documents in accordance with the standards and specifications approved by NRAA. Signed by Abdullah bin Saleh Al Yafi – VP Support Service Unit of Oman Airports, and Mr. Yasser Mohammed Khair – CEO of Suhail Bahwan Group, this agreement reflects Oman Airports’ ongoing digital transformation efforts; in this case, through the automation of documents and records to facilitate their protection, and ease of management and retrieval. The agreement also ensures Oman Airports meets the requirements stipulated by the NRAA’s Records and Archives Law.


The Oman Airports’ CEO, Sheikh Al Hosani, stated that the establishment of the Documents Management Center aims at ensuring the effective management of the company’s documents, and their protection against any unauthorized access. The documents in question include those related to Muscat International Airport, Salalah Airport, Duqm Airport and Sohar Airport – such as operation and maintenance manuals, and detailed maps.

Al Hosani added that Oman Airports is also moving steadfastly forwards with their digital transformation by signing the agreement with Bahwan Company to provide an electronic system for managing documents and records.

 This new platform will ensure the effective management of records and documents, speed up the process of saving and retrieving documents, enhance document tracking, and restrict access to confidential documents by unauthorized persons.