Oman Airports signs an agreement with leading aviation consultancy To70

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On Monday, 12 September 2022, Oman Airports signed an agreement with To70, the leading aviation consultancy providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community. Out of their registered office in The Netherlands, the company develops mechanisms to improve airport operations through a program that enables all teams working at airports to operate under common frameworks.

Through this agreement, Oman Airports aim to improve operations within Muscat International Airport by implementing the specialized ACDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) project, which enables partners and customers to work together to ensure seamless operations within the airport.

To improve decision-making processes, reduce flight delays, and increase operational efficiency, this project aims to strengthen the relationships between Oman Airports and the airlines operating at Muscat International Airport, ground handling teams, air traffic controllers, and all strategic airport partners.

The project will give all partners a clear understanding of how things work, which will enable them to produce quick, efficient solutions for any future modifications to schedules and itineraries.

Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed Al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports, and Mr. Ruud Ummels, CEO of To70, signed the agreement in Muscat Hall – the company’s main headquarters.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Saud bin Nasser Al Hubaishi, Vice President of Muscat International Airport and Acting Chief of Operations at Oman Airports, said: “This agreement is a component of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s aim to enhance airport services globally, and to give airlines easier access to services. To provide the best experience for passengers and everyone making use of Muscat International Airport – and all other airports in Oman – Oman Airports constantly strives to improve their services. In this case, by acquiring the most up-to-date and effective operational programs. Through the agreement, Oman Airports will ensure that the Sultanate of Oman stays ahead of developments in the aviation sector – through an integrated system that enables us to collaborate more closely with our partners. The agreement also aligns the nation’s aviation industry with best international standards and practices.”

Al Hubaishi added that the search for international operational best practices is necessary given the presence of more than thirty airlines currently operating at Muscat International Airport – and with plans to increase the number of airlines handled at Oman Airports’ commercial unit. This agreement will help standardize the policies for updating daily flight departure times in order to reduce flight delays. It will also enhance the airport’s efficiencies in terms of control tower management, updating the timing of departures and arrivals, and ground handling operations.

For his part, Mr. Wihaad bin Soud Al Harthy, Senior Manager of Capacity Planning at Muscat International Airport, stated: “Oman Airports issued a tender to improve operations for the ACDM project, for which several specialized international companies applied for. The project was assigned to To70 –whom we signed the agreement with today – due to their vast experience in airport services around the world.” 

Al Harthi added: “This agreement will serve all Muscat International Airport airlines, as well as ground handling companies, the Civil Aviation Authority, and other strategic partners of the airport family. The project will also support Oman Airports’ efforts to reduce carbon emissions resulting from air operations, by reducing the time that aircraft spend burning fuel in the airport yard due to delays – which in turn will reduce operational costs for airlines. And very importantly, the project will contribute to providing airport staff and passengers with the latest information about their flights.”

Oman Airports aims to achieve operational efficiency and elevated levels of success in the Sultanate of Oman airports in a sustainable manner. The company also seeks to develop high efficiencies and excellent performance in terms of creating a work environment to provide opportunities for qualified Omanis to achieve their desired professional development.

Oman Airports also aims to continue supporting the national vision for developing the aviation sector, while improving and enhancing the overall travel experience for flyers arriving and departing from all the country’s airports.

The company’s tasks include managing and operating the Sultanate of Oman’s airports and leading the development of airport infrastructures. This infrastructure includes passenger buildings, freight service buildings, runways, aprons, parking lots, and other facilities managed and maintained in accordance with the standards and practices adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization and civil aviation regulations.

Oman Airports have continued to grow steadily towards success, and towards establishing solid principles and rules for its operations. The company is strengthening its position as a leading institution that continuously seeks to improve customer experience and achieve the highest degree of excellence in the travel experience at its airports. With the full support of its strategic partners, and with the concerted efforts of all partners involved to deliver value-added services, Oman Airports is providing customers a unique and seamless travel experience across all its airports.