Transforming airport corridors into cultural spaces to enrich traveler experience

The National Museum of Oman signs an agreement with Oman Airports to display museum collections at Muscat International

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The National Museum of Oman and Oman Airports have recently announced signing an agreement to display museum collections in a museum corner at Muscat International Airport. The agreement was signed on Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 at the National Museum of Oman in Muscat by H.E. Jamal bin Hassan AlMousawi, Secretary General at the National Museum of Oman, and Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed Al-Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports, as part of the collaboration between the National Museum and Oman Airports.

Commenting on the agreement, H.E Jamal Al-Mousawi: "This agreement is aimed at strengthening joint cooperation in the cultural field in accordance with the goals set by the National Museum which include reaffirming noble Omani values, raising public awareness and promoting a sense of belonging for citizens, residents and tourists alike towards Oman – its history, heritage and culture. This agreement entails lending of museum collections for a museum set up at Muscat International Airport, through which we strive to infuse Muscat International Airport’s ­passages with a unique cultural experience from the country’s National Museum."

For his part, Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed Al-Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports, said: "We are pleased to have concluded this agreement with the National Museum, which is in line with our mission to uncover the magnificence of Oman – its cultural potential and its time-honored heritage to all visitors and travelers through Muscat International Airport owing to its touristic and cultural significance in the Sultanate.”

He further added: "This agreement will add more value to the airport's terminal, as this museum corner will convey live models and reflect Oman's historical and sociological realities discovered through an outstanding travel experience that we aspire to offer through the Sultanate’s airports.”

It is worth mentioning that by collaborating with Oman Airports, the National Museum seeks to enrich travelers’ experience by offering cultural spaces that highlights the three expanses of Muscat International Airport, which represent the sea, oases, and desert. The set up will display some of the museum's finest collections in proportion to these elements either as graphic works, as well as open displays in a corner dedicated to the National Museum at Muscat International Airport. The selected collections tell a story about the prominence of Muscat International Airport marking a new era in the history of Oman's connection with the world.