About Oman Airports

Oman Airports is a government company affiliated with the Oman Investment Authority, established in 2002 for the purpose of the administration of civil airports in the Sultanate of Oman: Muscat International Airport, Salalah Airport, Duqm Airport, and Sohar Airport. The company expanded its services in 2019 to include the administration of regional airports in the oil concession areas of Fahud, Marmul, and Qarn Alam. The company operates with the objective to upgrade and enhance Oman's airports in order to achieve the desired goals, as well as ensure a safe and unique travel experience for all users of its airports.

Since its establishment, Oman Airports has continued to grow at a steady pace towards success and excellence as an influential airport operator and an essential major player on the regional and international scene as a mirror reflecting the ambition and energies of the Sultanate of Oman with all its civilization and authentic and unique hospitality heritage in the Middle East, in cooperation with its strategic partners and efforts made by all parties involved.


Our mission: Enabling global and national connectivity while being a key contributor to growth

Our vision: Creating an exceptional travel experience with lasting memories

Our goal: Growing Gateways to Beauty and Opportunity

Our Values:  Commitment, Excellence, Respect, Team Work & Opportunity

We empower our people to become Future Leaders



Subsidiaries of Oman Airports


TRANSOM Handling

A subsidiary of Oman Airports since 2021.

TRANSOM Handling is the first provider of ground handling services, providing an integrated set of the best and finest ground services that meet all the requirements and aspirations of guests of the Sultanate’s airports, under the administration and coordination of a distinguished team trained according to the highest levels of customer service to provide a variety of high quality and luxurious services with and the highest applicable standards of accuracy and safety.

TRANSOM Handling aspires to provide the highest level of ground handling and hospitality services to 32 of its clients from airlines and to contract with various commercial airlines at all airports in the Sultanate, including Muscat International Airport, Salalah Airport, Sohar Airport, Duqm Airport, as well as oilfield airports.

TRANSOM Handling strives to provide its exquisite services to ensure its customers and passengers have comfortable flights at all airports.


TRANSOM Handling also endeavors to provide the following services, with nearly 2,111 employees:

  • Passenger Services
  • Runway Services
  • Cargo services (Salalah Airport)
  • Baggage handling
  • Waiting area services (Majan Lounge)
  • Central and administrative services.
  • Administration and control of aircraft unit loading services
  • Ground support and provision of ground equipment
  • Monitoring of loading and flight operations
  • Internal cleaning and sterilization of aircrafts.



A subsidiary of Oman Airports since 2021.

Oman SATS is a cargo handling company at Muscat International Airport and has an excellent record of professional and high-quality service standards, supported by an automated system for cargo handling, modern equipment and facilities, experienced staff, and high standards of security, which in turn ensures timely and efficient services provided to clients.


Key features of facilities and services

  • Providing around-the-clock services for inward and outward cargos.
  • Utilization of the automated shipping system to obtain shipping and warehousing documents.
  • Approval of the outward freight for the purposes of receiving the incoming freight.
  • Around-the-clock handling of goods and postal packages.
  • Securing storage facilities for refrigerated and frozen goods.
  • Providing warehousing services for hazardous and high-risk goods.
  • Providing separate storage facilities for newspapers, diplomatic pouches, and mail.
  • Provide separate storage facilities for valuable and sensitive goods.
  • Providing electronic scales for accurate calculations of weight capacities.
  • Providing X-rays for goods for safety and security purposes.
  • Providing catering services through the means available to various airlines.
  • Providing ground transportation services to assist in freight services.
  • Updating freight data to meet airline requirements.
  • Updating cargo status and requirements to correspond with airlines.


Through Oman SATS, Oman Airports aspires to continue its efforts to enhance the progress of the air cargo sector, support its network of operational lines, and utilize the strategic location of the Sultanate of Oman as an important hub for facilitating air cargo operations and trade exchange, which is not limited to import and export operations to support the Omani economy but rather represents a strategic hub for the Sultanate, which is a transit gateway to regional markets, linking the Middle East with the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe.