About Oman Airport

About Oman Airports

Oman Airports is a state-owned company that manages all the airports of the Sultanate including Muscat International Airport, Duqm Airport, Suhar Airport, Salalah Airport. The Company has also expanded it services to include the management and operation of the PDO regional airports in the oil concession areas of Fahud, Marmul, and Qarn Alam .

Oman Airports is driven by an ultimate aim to improve its position and services in order to meet its aspirations in supporting Oman's national visions by enhancing the airports and improving the overall travel experience.
Oman Airports provides combined operations, maintenance and infrastructure management, including on-ground services, terminal buildings, cargo buildings, runways, aircraft service, car parking and other facilities, all while maintaining airport certification in compliance with ICAO and CAR 139.

Since its inception, Oman Airports continued to tirelessly, methodically and consistently accumulate successes. The company’s efforts lead to the establishment of a solid foundation of operational rules and guidelines, and allowed it to position itself as a pioneering force of exceptional customer experience delivery and functional excellence in the aviation sector. The company managed to achieve its objectives with the full support of its strategic partners and the collective efforts of its stakeholders, all playing an incremental role in the creation of an overall unique, seamless, and exemplary travelling experience.

The company’s main mission is to develop and perfect all of the Sultanate’s Airports, as they are considered to be a gateway for unfathomable beauty and endless opportunities. These airports are a monument of national pride, and their performance and strategic capabilities reflect the true potential of the sultanate, and play a quintessential role in realizing the nation’s future projections and visions, and in consistently and continuously promoting sustainable economic growth.   

Since early 2015, Oman Airports has been on a mission to redefine itself as an airport operator with a focus on delivering excellence and innovation to achieve further growth. The company then took off in a path full of successes and achievements that paved the way for its transformation to a sustainably profitable business. We succeeded in increasing technical efficiency and strengthening the airports’ infrastructure in order to achieve excellence in meeting our customers’ needs and improve operational efficiency. Our ultimate goal at Oman Airports is to develop a highly performance-efficient work environment while providing opportunities for Omani talents to achieve their desired career development and contribute to the advancement of the company towards higher levels of success and excellence. Oman Airports has consistently maintained a 97.4% level of Omanization, reflecting our commitment to supporting national staff and supporting their participation in the prosperity of Oman's aviation sector.

At Oman Airports, we are entrusted with the mission of increasing access to Oman and welcoming people to experience the beauty and wealth of opportunities that Oman offers, in addition to sharing the heritage and culture of Oman with the world. Our vision is to be a premier airport management and services company with a concrete strategy that leverages our relationship with customers and stakeholders, and optimally utilizes its strengths and resources to overcome all the potential challenges that may arise on its path towards achieving its operational targets.
With new state-of-the-art infrastructure in Muscat, Salalah, Duqm and Suhar, and with the passion and commitment of our teams and partners, we are striving to be recognized as one of the best in the business through the experience we offer and the value we deliver.


Our Mission

To maintain a culture of excellence and sustainability for improving operations within our responsibility to manage and operate Oman’s gates through:

  • Providing a high degree of efficiency in managing the infrastructure of our airports.
  • Contributing to Oman’s economic growth.
  • Establishing strong relationships with our partners and stakeholders.
  • Improving the skills and expertise of our employees.
  • Providing the best travel experience to our customers.
  • Welcoming visitors and tourists to enjoy the unique experiences of The Sultanate - a land of beauty and opportunity.

Our Values

Our core values underpin our strategy and determine how we work towards achieving our Vision and Mission:

  • Safety and Security – we are committed to effectively and competently manage our operations and facilities at all of our airports without making any compromises in terms of upholding the highest safety and security standards.
  • Teamwork – we deliver with excellence and share our success with our stakeholders while shaping a bond grounded on mutual trust and respect.
  • Customer Satisfaction – we put our customers at the heart of everything we do and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Excellence and Innovation – we support innovative initiatives to provide excellent value to our customers and partners.
  • Growth – Through our strategic investments, we aim to support Oman’s vision by promoting the development of the aviation sector and contributing to the sultanate’s overall economic growth.