As per the development drive, the Sultanate's Government built state-of-the-art fuel farms at Muscat, Salalah, Suhar, and Duqm Airports with new Fuel Hydrant System. Oman Airports is responsible for managing and supervising the aviation fuel suppliers in all four commercial Airports and Oilfield airports at Fahud, Marmul and Qarn Alam, to ensures that fuel services are provided in a professional, efficient, prompt, and courteous manner to all airports users while maintaining high standards of service. 
Currently, there are three local fuel service providers operating at Oman Airports; Shell Oman Marketing Co., Oman Oil Marketing Co., and Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Co.

The aviation industry depends on access to the highest quality fuels and lubricants. Therefore, supplying Jet A-1 safely and securely is a top priority for service providers. From receiving to storage, and right down fueling the aircraft, every stage is accounted for through stringent refuelling procedures. This also includes an end-to-end fuel quality assurance system, from the refinery to aircraft and Oman Airports’ fuel suppliers take into consideration the most important procedures and best practices within the fuel supply chain such as Quality, Safety, Health and Environment.


Fuel service providers

Shell Oman Marketing Co.

Tel(24/7) : +968-24356620/24356621
Fax : +968-24522261
Email : [email protected]
International Backing : Shell
Payment : Shell Carnet / AVCARD

Oman Oil Marketing Co.

Tel(24/7) : +968-24356634 / +968-224356635
Fax : +968-24574226
Email : [email protected]
International Backing : Air BP International
Payment : Cash / Air BP Card

Al Maha Petroleum

Tel(24/7) : +968-24356628/97751455
Fax : +968-24610387
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
International Backing : Chevron
Payment : Cash Nominations/ World Fuel Card / UVCARDS / Cheveron Card / Caltex Card / DESC Card

Reference and Contact

Nasser AL-Tobi
Fuel Farm & Inflight Catering Concession Manager
Oman Airports

Office: +968 24352255
Mobile: +968 92186686
Email: [email protected]