Ground Handling


Evolving from its predecessor, Oman Aviation Services, TRANSOM was established in January 2017 to provide multiple aviation and hospitality support activities across all airports in Oman.
Our holding organization is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our wide range of guests. Our excellence begins on the ground and ensures a smooth aircraft, passenger and cargo journey throughout airports across Oman.
With approximately 5,000 employees across the holding company and its five subsidiaries: TRANSOM Handling, TRANSOM SATS Cargo, TRANSOM Catering, Muscat Duty Free and TRANSOM Hospitality— we work daily to take Oman’s aviation industry to soaring new heights.
As a holding company the work we develop is to align and strengthen our five subsidiaries elevating the standards and increasing our guest satisfaction throughout their cargo and passenger handling, catering, lounge, shopping and hospitality experiences.

For more details please contact Commercial Department:

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Mobile: +968 9128 3701 - GOCC Duty Manager

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Swissport International Ltd., on behalf of more than 850 client-companies, provides best-in-class airport ground services for some 265 million passengers annually, and handles approximately 4.7 million tons of air cargo at 133 warehouses world-wide. With a workforce of 68,000, the world’s leading provider of ground and air cargo services is active at 315 airports in 51 countries across all five continents. In 2017, the group generated consolidated operating revenue of EUR 2.8 billion.

Mission statement:

To provide the aviation industry with consistent and tailor-made solutions around the globe, to ensure a better customer experience.

Geographical Scope of Operations

Swissport currently operates in 50 countries.

Business policy

Swissport is recognized as the benchmark in terms of value for money, customer dedication, and cost management. The company has established a global reputation for being a valued business partner, not only because of its financial resources and modern ground support equipment, but also due to its intangible assets, particularly management expertise and a brand name that stands for superior quality.

Swissport Oman LLC

Swissport Oman is a subsidiary of Swissport International Ltd and has been operating in Oman since 2017. We are present in 2 airports in Oman – Muscat International Airport and Mukhaizna Airport.

Our Services:

We offer the services mentioned in the Annex A of IATA SGHA 2013 version except Section 5 and Section 8.

Our Contact persons/details:

Didier Steullet
Country Manager / CEO
North Forecourt Building, 2ND Floor
Muscat International Airport
Phone: +968 9437 0456
Email: [email protected]

Khalaf al Mazrui
Chief Commercial Officer
North Forecourt Building, 2ND Floor
Muscat International Airport
Phone: +968 9858 1274
Email: [email protected]