Learning & Development Centre – Muscat

Learning and Development Centre has an a vital role to develop the employees within the company, not only to be able to accelerate skills development but it can dramatically improve employee engagement and retention. To ensure that employees have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills as well to meet the current competencies and business needs as identified.

We offer a comprehensive breadth of training in various disciplines. Majority of our programmers are developed in line with the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to assist Oman aviation industry in meeting ICAO’s and PACA regulatory, operational, safety and security mandates.

Oman Airports considers its people as the most valuable asset, therefore, we invests heavily in our employees to sharpen their skills and keep their knowledge up to date, hence our staff attends international conferences & meetings to share and gain from others experiences. In addition we collaborate with international airports to host our staff for an On Job Training in international airports.

The Centre is located in Muscat International Airport at the Departures level 5 (leasable offices). L&D classrooms are equipped to comfort the employee’s needs during the programs. There are five training halls one of them is a computer lap, meeting room and library. Each hall is occupied with the needed facilities, such as: projector, computer, flipchart, white board, sound system, tables and chairs. As well as prayer room and food lounge.