Oman Airports Training Institute

Oman Airports Training Institute is instrumental in driving knowledge as a priority to all partners and stakeholders. Our objective is to build a learning culture in the aviation sector as well as other business fields which driven by professional development and the continuous sharing of knowledge between individuals and teams.

We offer a comprehensive breadth of training in various disciplines including aviation, business, operation, IT and other safety and security-related fields. Majority of our programs are developed in line with the standards and recommended practices of relevant international bodies, and in cooperation with the best local and international SMEs in the field.

OA Institute is located in Muscat International Airport at the Departures level 5 (leasable offices). The institute classrooms are equipped to comfort the participants’ needs during the programs. There are five training halls including a computer lap and two meeting rooms. Each hall is occupied with the needed facilities, such as: projector, computer, flipchart, white board, sound system, tables and chairs. As well as prayer room and food lounge.